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Is It Really As Seen On TV

There are a plethora of television shows available for viewing pertaining to paranormal investigation and ghost hunting. Some focus on ghost hunting while others focus on the investigation process. Some tv shows focus on the technology, while others focus on the back story. Some shows focus on the entertainment aspect, making it as spooky as possible and use many special effects, both visual and audio. If I had to pick my favorite show it would be Ghost Nation & Ghosthunters starring Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango. In my opinion this show most closely represents how a thorough paranormal investigation is conducted and the use of special effects is minimal. The technology used encompasses various scientific properties, and the show does not use some of the more questionable equipment that is available on the market. While investigations can take dozens of hours or more, the show condenses it down to approximately 45 minutes of highlights. The only thing that you don’t see is the hours of emperical investigating that they partake in.

Other shows focus on the entertainment aspect and use copious amounts of visual and audio special effects and the spookiest of stories. The spookiest of stories seems to fuel the ghost hunting hobby while shows like Ghost Nation and Ghosthunters fuel the paranormal investigation field.

However, keep in mind that the television shows don’t remotely use the science that paranormal investigators use during investigations as it wouldn’t make for good tv. To read more about what types of science are involved in a real investigation visit another blog entry by clicking here.

The best case scenario of what is closest to reality is an episode of Ghost Nation, however it is the highlights of a typically multi-day investigation.

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