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Paranormal Investigation Equipment

There is a plethora of equipment available on the market. Some of it is very valuable, while some of it I would not recommend.

The equipment that Mount Washington Valley SPIRIT uses includes:

• OOSSXX 2k Wireless Near-Infrared Cameras w/ DVR – Allows us to monitor and record day visual and night near infrared video and audio.

• FLIR Far-Infrared Thermal Camera TG267 – Allows us to see in the far infrared spectrum for heat signatures. We are able to take still photos using this device.

• Full Spectrum camera with infrared light – This mobile device allows us to extend the visual spectrum to see in the near infrared spectrum beyond our eyes ability, taking both still photography and 4k quality video.

• Zoom 360° Audio Recorder – Due to high sensitivity and amplification it will record audio that is beyond the capabilities of reception by the human ear. It allows for live use so we can plug in headphones and monitor the feed during usage.

• TriField TF2 EMF Meter – This allows for 3-axis detection of AC magnetic, AC electric, and RF/microwave electromagnetic radiation in one device.

• REM Pod EMF/Temperature Sensor – Alerts us of electromagnetic and/or thermal flux in proximity to the device. This is a very sensitive piece of equipment and can be triggered easily so it is used somewhat sparingly.

• Laser grid – Allows us to see if there is any type of movement in a dark room.

• Ambient Temperature/Humidity Sensor – Measures humidity and temperature to record rapid thermal/humidity flux.

There are also several pieces of equipment available on the market that are frequently asked about by clients as they have seen them on television. We do not use the following equipment at Mount Washington Valley SPIRIT.

• K2 Meter – Historically some TV shows have portrayed this device to be a ghost/spirit detector. This device is an unshielded EMF meter that can be set off by anything from a cell phone renegotiating it’s connection to a tower, a two way radio down the street, WiFi, a human or animal, static electricity, etc. Anything can set this device off, therefore making it unreliable to be used as seen on tv. The only benefit of the device is to use it to find EMF spikes from electric equipment.

• Ghost Box (also known as Frank’s Box) – This device is marketed to have the ability to communicate with entities by rapidly scanning the FM radio band. What it does is pick up bits and pieces of what radio stations are transmitting. We believe it to be unlikely that an entity could manipulate electronics to form words that it is intending to speak.

• Ovilus – This device is marketed as converting localized electromagnetic energy into words. There are even cell phone apps marketed for this purpose. This device is for entertainment purposes only.

• Structured Light Sensor Camera (SLS Camera)- This device is marketed as gathering electromagnetic radiation and giving it a visual representation as stick figures representing spirits or ghosts. I would use this device for entertainment purposes only. While an intriguing theory it doesn’t have a practical purpose as any energy can be represented as a paranormal entity on this device.

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