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Paranormal Investigation or Ghost Hunting

Is there a difference between a paranormal investigation and ghost hunting? The two terms are often used interchangeably (especially as it pertains to brand marketing tv shows or live paranormal events) when in practice they are two different activities.

Ghost hunting is an act for entertainment purposes where someone or a group of someones visit a location in the hopes of seeing a ghost or spirit. This activity typically uses minimal investigative and scientific techniques. Someone who partakes in this activity is known as a ghost hunter.

Paranormal investigation is the act of researching and investigating the cause of perceived paranormal activity and either confirming the existence of paranormal activity or explaining a non paranormal cause of the perceived paranormal activity. Paranormal investigators continuously educate themselves on the latest technology used in investigations and the underlying principle of how the device operates. They continually research common and new theories unto the the cause of paranormal activity such as electromagnetic radiation, properties of various geological objects, quantum entanglement, physics, meteorology, parapsychology, other sciences, and they will research location history of where they are investigating. Investigations are typically multiple days long requiring dozens of hours of work. Someone who partakes in these activities is known as a paranormal investigator.

One is not better than the other as they are two different activities. Depending on your intentions you may chose the recreational side or you may choose the more involved side of the field. You may wish to partake in both. As a paranormal investigator I have gone on ghost hunts that were not a client case. They were recreational events with colleagues in the paranormal investigation field where we didn’t focus on the science or standard investigative procedures.

You may wish to be involved with one or both of these fields.

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