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Psychic Abilities

Here is a brief description of various abilities. Do you have any of these abilities?

– Astral Projection : Known as the ability to project your astral body, or your consciousness outside of your body. It is also referred to as remove viewing. The United States government has publicly admitted to having people on the payroll with this ability to aid the military in clandestine observation of people and things at great distances from the safety of a government secured building.

– Channeling : One of the more rare abilities that allows someone (referred to as a medium) to allow the spirit of someone whom has passed on to speak through them.

– Clairalience : Also referred to as clairescence. An ability that allows psychic impressions through the sense of smell. An example of this would be smelling the cologne of someone whom has passed on, or smelling their favorite food, or perhaps their choice of cigarettes in a location where you know there is no chance of an explainable cause for the odor.

– Clairambience : Also referred to as clairgustance. It is the ability to taste something without it actually being in your mouth. An example would be suddenly tasting the favorite foods of someone around you or that of someone whom has passed on.

– Clairaudience : An ability of hearing something that isn’t there. An example would be those whom have the ability to speak to a spirit that has passed on using verbal means. Those with the abilities may hear an audible response as if it were a person speaking right in front of them, or it may seem to emanate from their inner ear almost as if their own mind was producing the sound even though it is emanating from another source externally.

– Clairsentience : An ability to feel something from an external source. This would relate to feeling that someone is staring at you from afar, feeling the energy of a room is just off, or getting a bad feeling about someone without knowing them well.

– Clairvoyance : The parent term that all of the other “clair” abilities follow under. It means the ability to gain knowledge in a way that goes beyond the usual tangible means that we use on a daily basis.

– Claircognizance : The ability to just “know” something that you have no idea how you know. An example would be knowing something is wrong with a loved one without them telling you and not reading it from visual cues. Another example would be knowing something is going to happen.

– Dowsing : The ability of using a divination tool to aid in finding something psychically. The usual tools used are pendulums and dowsing rods.

– Empathy : The ability to feel the feelings of someone else whether they are alive or dead.

– Precognition : The ability to predict the future, or just knowing that something is going to happen before it happens. This ability usually presents itself in dreams or day dreams, where what you see comes true in the future.

– Psychokinesis : The ability to move an object using your mind or manipulate an energy field in the same fashion.

– Psychometry : The ability to obtain information about someone or something through holding one of their possessions such as a watch or a teddy bear.

– Retrocognition : The ability to sense something that happened in the past.

– Telepathy : The ability to communicate with someone using means not related to our other five senses. This can be used in the means of mental imagery or hearing the voice of someone whom is there with you but not speaking audibly, meaning hearing with your mind and not your ears.

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