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  • Vibroacoustic Phenomena Reception and Analyzation

    Vibroacoustic phenomenon is a term that refers to when audible and or non-audible frequencies combine with vibration and the result influences human physiology or inanimate objects. This is not paranormal theory, and is a subject of science that has had controlled scientific method based experiments by scientists with advanced college degrees. In many cases you will find vibroacoustic phenomenon is being incorrectly misinterpreted as paranormal activity. Today we discuss infrasound, ultrasound, Schumann Resonances, and Helmholtz Resonances and how they should be investigated for at every paranormal investigation, why this is so, and how to do so.

    Back from Hiatus

    I am back from hiatus. Today I discuss the importance of pursuing educational studies as it pertains to paranormal investigations as well as not focusing on what you see on television as an ample representation of a scientific paranormal investigation. We also discuss the future of the Mount Washington Valley SPIRIT Podcast.


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