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  • The Four Biggest Threats To The Paranormal Field

    Today I will discuss the four biggest threats to the paranormal field and how together they have caused a situation where outsiders laugh at those of us in the field and that integrity has for all intents and purposes been severely damaged due to a lack of self-education and people focusing more on chasing either personal notoriety or social media likes on the internet.

    Twelve Mistakes Made By Ghosthunters and How to Prevent Them

    As always I will preface this episode with the statement that I am not taking shots at anybody in the field. I am pointing out opportunities for improvement in the field. The purpose of my podcast is to help educate those ghost hunters who wish to eventually become a paranormal investigator, or help paranormal investigators refresh and sharpen their skill set. Today I will discuss twelve mistakes commonly made by ghost hunters and how to prevent them. These are not in any particular order.


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